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Only foods whose production involves no GMO, hormones or synthetic chemicals at any stage of its supply, and products which are strictly registered, monitored and certified by international certification organizations can be labeled as “organic”. In this manner, all City Farm brand name products are certified to be organic by ECOCERT.
The term “natural” supposedly gives the customer the notion that no GMO, hormones or synthetic chemicals have been used in the production of such labeled products. However, no control mechanisms or monitoring methods are enforced for products with such a label, therefore these products are as safe as the producer’s preferences allow them to be. That’s why, the prestige of a “natural” labeled product can’t be compared to that of a product with “organic” label. Organic products are rigorously monitored by an international certification organization and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and continously analyzed for their GMO, pesticide and additive content by an independent and accredited laboratory.
The chickens are raised in accordance with the TC 5262 Organic Agriculture Code and its related regulation, number 27676 Organic Agriculture regulation. Organic chickens are raised with an emphasis on animal welfare using completely organic feed sources without using any synthethic chemicals, antibiotics or GMO content. Organic chicken farms can contain up to a maximum of 3000 layer hens or 4800 broiler hens in a coop where have access to at least 4m2 of pasture area. Broiler hens can not be slaughtered before 72 days following the hatching. Organic chicken feed consists of organic wheat, corn etc.. specifically grown for this purpose. Use of GMO applications or any GMO input into animals’ diet is strictly forbidden in organic farming.
Organic livestock regulations enforce strict rules so that animals get to stay outdoors to exercise and pasture. Due to this regulation, meat produced from organic raised animals are darker in color and leaner in texture. Therefore the time it takes to cook them is a little bit longer than that of conventional meat.
We acquire each product in their respective specific season. However, our supply chain allows us to present our customers with these products for a maximum period of time without losing their freshness and nutrition value. Products such as carrots are rather supplied during winter and can be sold up to a period of 6 months in our stores.
Organic fruits, pressed in integrated plants while excess water is later evaporated away, are stored in specialized concentrated barrels. At the time of production, the concentrate is mixed with the lost amount of water and pasteurized via the application of instantaneous thermal energy. That’s why organic juices, like their conventional equivalents can be safely consumed with a shelf life of 18 months.
As of now, there is no domestic organic sugar production in Turkey. Moreover, Turkish Republic’s related law on Sugar, strictly controls the import of sugars. For that reason we are unable to provide organic sugar to our customers in our stores. However, there is an ongoing effort with the related Ministry to obtain a permission for importing sugar. The sweetened products that you can purchase from our stores contain organic honey or organic grape molasses.